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Sep 4 , 2015
Man Stabbed with Needle After Fight in Front of Mile One
A scrap between two men in front of Mile One overnight left one of them with stab wounds from a needle.
House Arrest for Man who Caused Drug-Fuelled Disturbance at Hostel
A man who caused a ruckus at the Bonavista Hostel last year has been sentenced to 10 months of house arrest and ordered to pay over $66,000 in restitution to the business owner.
Man Who Brought Chainsaw to Court Deemed Fit for Trial
43-year-old Jason Collins was arrested around 9:30 a.m. yesterday, after police say he approached the front doors of the Unified Family Court building with a chainsaw revving.
Police Nab Man after Foot Chase
Suspect was wandering around a car dealership overnight.
Men Charged with Breaking into Old School
Booth Memorial in St. John's targeted
Woman Treated in Hospital After Motor-Home Accident
The single-vehicle accident occurred around 1:00 p.m Thursday, and police say it may have been caused by a medical issue with the driver.
Provincial Employees Reminded to Stay Neutral Leading Up to Election
Davis says everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but there are circumstances that make it inappropriate. He says every situation should be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
Conservative Candidate in Avalon says She's Familiar with Province's Vexed Relationship with Harper
Patrick's Cove native, Lorraine Barnett, who now lives in Paradise, has been selected as the party's candidate in the riding.
Waterford Valley High Opening Next Week
Premier Paul Davis, and other government officials were given a sneak peak of the $39.5-million facility yesterday afternoon.
Price is Right Adds Second Show After Huge Demand
It looks like folks in the St. John's area will have another chance to "Come on down". Tickets for the new November 10 show will go on sale next Saturday.
Drunk Driver Crashes Car into Paradise House
It was one of two unusual cases of impaired driving in metro last night.
Sonic Rush Drag Race Hits Easbound This Weekend
The show, which runs today and tomorrow, will feature some of the most powerful drag racing cars on the circuit.
Men Charged with Breaking into Old School
Booth Memorial High in St.John's was targeted.
Provincial Sports Page
Rugby, softball, soccer
Thursday's Scores/Friday's Schedule
Jays and Yanks were idle
Sep 3 , 2015
Young Man Pleads Guilty to California Stabbing
19-year-old Talen Barton stabbed four people, including MUN Professor Theodore Norvell, in July. Barton is expected to be sentenced to 71 years to life in prison.
Sex Work Outreach Program in Dire Need of Street Nurse
A local group that works with sex workers says two women have died in recent months because of lack of access to health care.
NDP Policy Announcement Sidetracked by Location
NDP Leader Earle McCurdy chose Marine Drive Park in Pouch Cove to commit today to keeping parks public if he were to be named Premier.
'The System Failed My Son:' A Mother's Plea for Help
A woman says her 18-year-old son has been struggling with issues such as ADHD and depression for a number of years, all of which came to a head on Sunday when he attempted to end his life.
Car Stolen During Test Drive in Mount Pearl
The car is a wine coloured, four-door 2009 Chevy Cobalt, with the licence plate number HSB 447.
Gander 'Stolen' Flagpole Just Put Away for Safekeeping by Town
At a cost of almost $2,000, the new flag pole was scheduled to be installed this week at the Gander Masonic Hall.
Bankruptcy in NL Increases 18 Per Cent
Bankruptcy Trustee, Sean Stack, calls this a dramatic turn. Since peaking in 2009, personal bankruptcy had been steadily decreasing. Stack fears this sudden increase is a sign of what's to come.
PC-SP Gauging Interest in Metrobus Shuttle from Ferry Terminal to St. John's
Deputy Mayor Gavin Will says Portugal Cove Road actually carries greater traffic volumes than the Trans Canada at Port aux Basques.
Kenny Rogers Touring Province this Christmas
Kenny Rogers is returning to Newfoundland for a series of concerts.
Gas Down, All Other Fuel Prices Up
Diesel climbs by four cents, furnace oil and stove oil by just over three-and-a-half cents and residential propane by just over half a cent.


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