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Sep 18 , 2014
Another Shooting in the Capital City
A man was taken to hospital with undetermined injuries following incident last night on Boyle Street, but few other details are known.
Thief Forces Victim from Bed to Find Cash
Woman forced to drive to bank to get money.
Sep 12 , 2014
Touching Tribute to Late Business Owner
Equipment lined the CBS bypass in tribute to Dennis Weir who passed away at the age of 44.
Newfoundland Man Linked to High-Profile British Columbia Gang
The 32-year-old led police on a four-hour chase before eventually being captured. He was carrying packets of crack and powder cocaine, $35,000 in cash and a handgun.
Sep 15 , 2014
Downtown Massage Parlour Exactly What It Sounds Like: Owner
The owner of a massage parlour downtown says his business is definitely not a therapeutic clinic.
Man Shot on Boyle Street Known to Police
There is very little in the way of new information on a shooting incident on Boyle Street in west-end St. John's Saturday evening that sent one man to hospital.
Sep 12 , 2014
Body Discovered Outside Western Memorial Regional Hospital
A body was discovered outside the hospital in Corner Brook this morning.
Sep 16 , 2014
RNC Confirm Boyle Street Victim Shot More than Once
RNC Constable Steve Curnew says there are no suspects in the shooting.
Sep 14 , 2014
Davis Wins PC Leadership
The PC Convention went to a third ballot after a second ballot "tie." In the end, Paul Davis emerged the winner, but left many confused about the process that got him there.
Sep 17 , 2014
Toronto Police Investigating Death of NL Man
The 29-year-old was killed when he was run over by a garbage truck in an alleyway in downtown Toronto last Wednesday morning.
Williams Surprised by IceCaps Subsidy Controversy
St. John's IceCaps CEO Danny Williams says sometimes we can be our own worst enemies.
Sep 15 , 2014
Fire 'Devastates' Southern Harbour Wharf
Residents of Southern Harbour are calling an overnight fire at the wharf in the community a 'devastating loss'.
Sep 16 , 2014
Parsons Wins Port de Grave Liberal Nomination
Former journalist Pam Parsons came out on top in a hard-fought nomination in the district last night which ran into the early morning hours.
St. John's Not Apologizing for IceCaps Subsidy
The subsidy was approved in a private meeting prior to yesterday's council meeting and wasn't revealed until a memo was leaked to the media.
Davis Appoints Former RNC Chief to Run Premier's Office
Joe Browne, former Chief of the RNC, will now be Chief of Staff on the 8th floor at Confederation Building.
Family of Man who Died in Lockup Looking for Answers
Jim Baker says the autopsy of his 24 year old son, Chesley James Baker was inconclusive.
Sep 17 , 2014
RNC Urges Caution After Home Invasion
Police are asking residents in the area of Alderberry Lane of St. John's to stay vigilant, keep their doors and windows locked at night, and if you have a home alarm system, use it.
Sep 16 , 2014
No Apologies from Kent for Davis Support
Kent says he's not a traditional guy, and he felt it was important to let his delegates know what he was doing.
Sep 13 , 2014
Pair From Phillippines Face Child Porn Charges
Two men appeared in court yesterday, accused of trying to smuggle child porn into province.
Sep 15 , 2014
Targa Crash During Practice Run
The driver, Brian Donato, is a paraplegic who was driving with a navigator named Rick Bye.
Extremely Important PCs Win an Upcoming Byelection: Davis
Paul Davis says one of the first things he has to do is look at recent byelections, all of which have been Liberal victories.
Sep 17 , 2014
Autopsy Inconclusive in Lockup Death
The young man was picked up by police early last Wednesday morning for possible impaired driving and held in the lockup for court the next morning. He was found unresponsive around 7:30 a.m.
Sep 15 , 2014
Child Pornography Charges Dropped against Men from Philippines
36-year-old Richard Zaraspe and 24-year-old Jonathan Bagaporo were charged by the Canada Border Services Agency Friday morning.
Sep 12 , 2014
Admiralty House Vandals Captured on Video
Surveillance video shows two young men approach the building Tuesday night just after 11:30. One, armed with an aluminium baseball bat, proceeds to smash out a window.
Sep 14 , 2014
Overnight Fire Damages Home
There were no injuries, but a home on Hamilton Avenue in St. John's was heavily damaged.


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