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Oct 10 , 2015
RNC Release Photo of Shooting Suspect
Larry Wellman was shot Saturday night at Captain's Quarters Hotel in St. John's.
Oct 7 , 2015
RNC and Rovers Searching Near Quidi Vidi in Relation to Fatal Shooting
The search continues for the man who shot and killed Larry Wellman Saturday night at the Captain's Quarters.
Oct 6 , 2015
Tributes Pour in for Gerry Squires
Squires passed away on Saturday at the age of 77.
Oct 9 , 2015
Survivor Sex Big Part of Local Sex Trade: Report
Four years after it was completed, a report on sexual exploitation and the sex trade in Newfoundland and Labrador has finally been released publicly.
Oct 8 , 2015
Teen Charged in California Stabbing Sentenced to 71 Years
Described as 'pure evil' and 'an absolute monster' by detectives, in sentencing 19-year-old Talen Barton Mendocino County Superior Court Judge Ann Moorman said she hopes he never sees the light of day again.
NL Wildlife Federation Head Charged with Salmon Poaching
DFO laid charges against Bouzan on October 7th for possession of untagged salmon, which goes against the NL Wildlife Regulations Act.
Over 100 Abandoned Vehicles at Edmonton Airport May Be Linked to NL Workers
Director of Communications with the airport Heather Hamilton says one theory is that if a migrant worker heads home at the end of their work period but is laid off unexpectedly, the worker ends up forced to leave their car without being able to pick it up.
Oct 6 , 2015
Archbishop Currie Responds to Appearance of Letter from Disgraced Former Bishop in Hymn Book
Abuse survivor Gemma Hickey contacted the Archbishop after she was made aware that a letter penned by disgraced former Bishop Raymond Lahey still appears in the Catholic Book of Worship III.
Man Dies in Boating Accident
A 46-year-old man is dead after a boating accident on Bear Hill Pond near Trepassey.
Oct 7 , 2015
NL Needs to Become More Inclusive to Newcomers: Vital Signs Report
For example, the report shows that of 684 communities in Newfoundland and Labrador, 89 per cent do not have a grocery store.
Oct 5 , 2015
Harper Promotes Ottawa's Position on CETA, Protesters Unimpressed
Stephen Harper promised to deliver compensation for the loss of minimum processing requirements to 150 supporters on Saturday.
Mother of Nelson Hart Disturbed by Publication of Book Chronicling Investigation
Pearl Hart says she recently purchased a copy of "Mr. Big," a book co-authored by Hart's ex-wife and Colleen Lewis, a journalist who covered the case.
Oct 7 , 2015
Motorcyclist Injured in St. John's Accident
There were minor injuries to the driver of a motorcycle following a crash in St. John's.
Kelligrews Bar Owner Posts Video of Attempted Break In
Donna Rodden owns Kruger's. She says they didn't get in, but did cause damage to the building.
Oct 4 , 2015
Buried Fuselage Holds Up Work at Virginia Park School
The fuselage, found during excavation, has tripled the cost of preparation work.
Oct 6 , 2015
City to NL Power: We're Paying for Lights, So Keep Them On
The city pays a base fee of $353,000 monthly, and $4.2-million annually for street lighting, and mayor Dennis O'Keefe says there are too many burned out street lights in various locations across the city.
Oct 9 , 2015
Two Men Charged after Trying to Smash Out Windows of Car with Driver Inside
Two men, a 21-year-old and a 22-year-old, began an attempt to beat the windows out of a vehicle using what's being described as a bat and a sword.
Thirteen Arrested in Ontario Trafficking Cocaine to NL, Toronto
Ontario Provincial Police say illegal drugs, mostly cocaine, were being brought in from Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, and Guyana, then distributed through the Toronto area and in Newfoundland and Labrador.
Oct 4 , 2015
Teenager Arrested on Number of Charges Including Possession of a Prohibited Weapon
The youth was nabbed last night about 8:30 in St. John's.
Oct 7 , 2015
Computer, Jewellery Stolen from St. John's Home
Earlier this week, thieves broke into Jackson McLean's home in downtown St. John's, ransacked it and walked away with thousands of dollars' worth of his belongings.
Oct 5 , 2015
Police Called to Waterford Hospital After Assault
As a result, police have arrested a 21-year-old man, charging him with assault with a weapon.
Oct 9 , 2015
Cabin Near Ocean Pond Heavily Damaged by Fire
A cabin close to the TCH at Ocean Pond was heavily damaged in a fire this morning.
Oct 8 , 2015
RNC Chief Unable to Provide Assurances after Fatal Shooting
Today RNC Chief Bill Janes was unable to provide any further details or assurances to questions from the public.
Stephenville Student Admits to Bomb Threat
RCMP have not yet decided if charges will be laid.
Three Charged in Deer Lake Drug Bust
In the arrest, police seized Oxycodone Percoset and cannabis resin as well as just over $2,000 in cash.


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