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Sep 1 , 2015
Police Investigating Indecent Act at Hoedown
Video of the alleged act has surfaced on YouTube with tens of thousands of views.
Aug 31 , 2015
Gander RCMP Investigate Reports of Armed Man in Camouflage
An extensive search failed to resolve the case.
Aug 26 , 2015
Missing St. John's Man Alive and Well
34-year-old Jonathan Hannaford's father posted on Facebook that his son called him from the airport early this morning.
Aug 28 , 2015
Investigators Trying to Piece Together What Happened to Teen in 'Unusual Incident'
Reports came last night in that there were a couple of cars on the side of Country Drive with their hazard lights on and a young girl lying in the roadway.
Aug 30 , 2015
Hannaford, Who Went Missing for Four Days, Opens Up About Experience
Jonathan Hannaford says the day he went missing was one of the worst days of his life.
Aug 31 , 2015
Search Continues for Missing Swimmer Near Flatrock
While Rovers search and rescue combs the land, the coast guard vessel Harp and its Fast Rescue Craft search the water for any sign of the missing man.
Aug 30 , 2015
Fatal Car Crash on Burin Peninsula
A car left the highway and landed in the ditch near Rushoon.
Aug 27 , 2015
Heavy Equipment Operator is Set for Life
Jonathan Patey says he was shocked when he saw the three umbrellas on his scratch ticket indicating he was the Set for Life grand prize winner.
DFO Investigating Massive Tuna Catch
The 710 pound tuna was caught off Bauline with a rod a reel and later sold to local chefs, but the Canadian bluefin tuna fishery is highly controlled.
City Estimates $1,000 in Damage to Bowring Park this Week
It's the second time this week the popular park has been struck. Picnic tables were overturned and trash was thrown around.
Aug 30 , 2015
Armed Robber Nabbed by Concerned Citizen
A convenience store in Pouch Cove was robbed in broad daylight.
Aug 25 , 2015
Driver Injured After Rear-Ending Police Car
Callers to VOCM News report that a vehicle rear-ended an RNC cruiser that had been stopped.
Aug 27 , 2015
Highway Accidents Snarl Eastbound Traffic
Several Accidents have slowed or stopped traffic across the Avalon.
Aug 29 , 2015
Woman Retrieves Stolen Motorcycle
Heather Dalton's only means of transportation is her 2011 Kawasaki Ninja which went missing sometime Sunday or Monday.
Aug 25 , 2015
Mother Grateful after Man Rescues 12-Year-Old Girl on Terra Nova Lake
A 12-year-old girl was playing with her siblings in a sheltered, sandy cove, when the wind swept her out into the lake on a rubber raft.
Power Restored after Widespread Outage
Some 7,800 residents of the east coast of the island are without power.
Homes Damaged by Maritime Link Blasting in Cape Ray
The work was being carried out by a sub-contractor for Emera.
Aug 29 , 2015
Search and Rescue Operation in Flatrock
There's no word on the condition of the person at this time.
Aug 31 , 2015
St. John's Couple Wakes to Find Intruder in Bedroom
RNC are still trying to find out who was responsible for a bold intrusion on Elizabeth Avenue in St. John's over the weekend.
Aug 26 , 2015
Wild Chase Following Armed Robbery Ends in Another RNC Cruiser Crash
It was a wild scene on the Trans Canada Highway late last night as the RNC caught up with two people following an armed robbery in Topsail.
Aug 25 , 2015
Moose-Vehicle Accident on TCH Near Long Harbour Not the Only One This Morning
A caller to VOCM News says he saw two dead moose on the highway during his morning commute.
Aug 27 , 2015
RNC Looking for Missing Man Last Seen in NL 10 Months Ago
The family of 32-year-old Aaron Dragonetti, who live outside the province, reported him missing in November.
Aug 28 , 2015
Settlement a 'Smack in the Face' to Family of Man who Had Savings Stolen from Hospital Safe
The family of a man from Harbour Round who has his life savings stolen from a hospital safe while he was lying on his death bed have received letters from the Supreme Court of Canada saying they're each entitled to $99.86.
Aug 29 , 2015
Homeowners Startle Intruder
There were no injuries after suspect broke into home on Elizabeth Avenue.
Aug 31 , 2015
Four-Year-Old May Be Among First Cases of Lyme Disease in NL
Testing is underway to confirm what's believed to be the province's first two cases of Lyme disease contracted locally.


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