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Dec 1 , 2015
Ron Hynes Died Still Battling Addiction With Next to Nothing: Joel Thomas Hynes
Joel Thomas Hynes says his uncle 'died of cancer, but cancer was a seemingly inevitable symptom of a much darker, much more aggressive, hungrier 'disease' of addiction.'
Dec 1 , 2015
Twelve Year PC Reign Ends as Liberals Take Majority
Premier-designate Dwight Ball's party has 31 seats in the Legislature, with the Progressive Conservatives forming the Official Opposition with seven seats.
Nov 27 , 2015
Four Arrested on Cocaine, Marijuana Trafficking Charges
Police say two men and one woman, all in their early twenties, were arrested at a local business in St. John's yesterday afternoon. Over forty pounds of marijuana was seized and the three appeared in court today on charges of trafficking and possession for the purpose of trafficking.
Nov 30 , 2015
Anger Online After 'Dog for Sale' Tied Up in Carbonear for Hours
Fogo, a medium-sized animal, was outside near the museum on Water Street for several hours according to reports.
Nov 26 , 2015
ACAN Windows in Paradise Closes
The FFAW says it was blindsided by the closure of ACAN in the province.
Dec 1 , 2015
Charges Laid in Serious Avondale Assault
A 22-year-old man is facing aggravated assault charges.
Nov 26 , 2015
Hynes Defends Going Public About Uncle's Addiction
Joel Thomas Hynes has taken some criticism for his Facebook post about Ron Hynes, but feels his uncle would understand.
Ron Hynes' Daughter Seeks Missing Photos
The daughter of the late Ron Hynes is turning to the public to help her track down some precious keepsakes.
Nov 25 , 2015
Metrobus Driver Receives Heroism Award
A Metrobus driver has been recognized with an national heroism award for helping to save the life of a young woman who was struck by a vehicle in August.
Nov 27 , 2015
Abengoa Bankruptcy Would Not Affect Project, Emera
Back in March, Abengoa was awarded a $200-million contract to build 400 kms of transmission lines on the west coast of Newfoundland and in Nova Scotia. On Wednesday, Abengoa's parent company in Spain filed for creditor protection.
Vickie Kaminski Resigns from Alberta Health Services
Former Eastern Health CEO resigns from Alberta Health Services.
Nov 30 , 2015
Will There Be a Lucky Number 13?
The polls are officially open for Provincial Election 2015. Today we're taking a look back at all the Premiers who have led the province since 1949.
Nov 25 , 2015
Liberal Lead Over Tories Cut in Half in Latest Poll
The latest provincial political poll shows the Liberals still poised to form the next government, but their lead has been cut by an increase in support for both the PCs and the NDP.
Dec 1 , 2015
Norcon Galatea Will be Back on Its Run Tomorrow
The Norcon Galatea, which ran aground on Sunday, will be back on the Pilley's Island-Long Island-Little Bay Islands run tomorrow.
Nov 30 , 2015
Cold Day for an Election
Election forecasts are out and the temperatures are sub-zero. All three leaders were bundled up on the campaign trail over the weekend.
Nov 27 , 2015
Five People Facing Charges in Baie Verte Armed Home Invasion
The incident is not believed to be a random act, but a targeted robbery.
Nov 25 , 2015
Bill Clarke Sued by Local Businessman
Local businessman John "Bull" Cook is suing property developer Bill Clarke and his company, Powder House Hill Investments, to the tune of $200,000.
Nov 28 , 2015
Gander Resident Calls for 24 Hour Police Protection
Brian Shaw says the number of officers in the town has dropped considerably over the last 20 years.
Nov 30 , 2015
RCMP Investigating Sudden Death of Child
A 7-year-old girl in Nain is dead. Police say foul play is not suspected.
Police Crack Down on Donuts in Parking Lot
Three people hamming it up on a parking lot in Corner Brook by doing stunts in their vehicles have been charged by the RNC.
Nov 26 , 2015
NAPE Appalled By How VON Members Were Informed It Was Shutting Down
VON has filed for bankruptcy protection and is ceasing operations in six provinces, including Newfoundland and Labrador.
Doctor Pleads Guilty at Disciplinary Hearing
Dr. Todd Young was practicing in Springdale when he engaged in a sexual relationship with a woman for about three years.
Nov 28 , 2015
Two 40-pound Drug Seizures Unrelated
Two major drug seizures took place in the capital city area Thursday evening. They are not believed to be connected.
Woman Accused of Robbery with Syringe
A 20-year-old woman and 24-year-old man are each facing charges in connection with four recent armed robberies.
Nov 25 , 2015
Gander Family Hopes for Christmas Reunion
Shelby Penney has been in hospital in Toronto for the past thirteen months, her dad David by her side. Her mom, Pamela Dalley, has been back home in Gander with the rest of her family.


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