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Apr 1 , 2015
Local Stores Open, But Ricki's, Bootlegger, and Cleo Closing Stores Across Country
While owner Comark may be set to close stores across the country, local Ricki's, Bootlegger, and Cleo stores are open for business.
MUN Dining Hall Passes Safety Inspection After Record of Problems
While a February inspection found equipment 20 degrees below the required 60 and identified cleaniness issues, this week kitchen passed a provincial food safety inspection after receiving complaints.
Mar 26 , 2015
Local Pizzeria Posts Robbery Video on YouTube
Fabian Power owns Old Town Pizzeria on Portugal Cove Road in St. John's.
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Mar 28 , 2015
Future Shop in St. John's Closes
The St. John's location is being absorbed by Best Buy on Stavanger Drive
Mar 27 , 2015
Mother Devastated by Son's Suicide at Waterford Hospital
Kerry Murray was placed in the Waterford Hospital for treatment after showing signs of self-harm at Her Majesty's Penitentiary.
Mar 30 , 2015
Unofficial Mayor of Shea Heights, Harold Druken, Passes Away
Harold Druken Senior, who spearheaded numerous causes for the betterment of the area, died yesterday afternoon. He was 63.
Mar 29 , 2015
RNC Investigating Downtown Stabbing
No formal charges have been laid yet.
Duo Facing Charges for Shoplifting
A 39-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman were picked up at the Avalon Mall last night.
Mar 26 , 2015
Mid-Afternoon Drunk Driver Three Times Legal Limit
The man blew three times the legal limit.
Mar 28 , 2015
Teen Charged with School Assault
17 year old charged with assault causing bodily harm.
Mar 27 , 2015
Grandmother Arrested Driving Without License, Insurance, and $9,200 in Fines
Acting on a tip that the woman was driving without a license and insurance, the RNC tracked the driver down at about 2:15 p.m.
Mar 30 , 2015
Future Shop, Target Closures May Be Only First of Many
Terry Hussey says that with competition from the internet, future for consumers and that Future Shop will likely be the first of many to go.
Mar 26 , 2015
RCMP Arrest Wanted Man in Ontario
Shawn Clarence Keefe, formerly of Botwood, was arrested in Ontario on a Canada-Wide warrant.
Sudden Death During Snowmobile Outing in Carbonear
RCMP confirm a 55-year-old Carbonear man died while on a snowmobile outing with friends yesterday afternoon.
Mar 31 , 2015
Montreal Canadiens Owner 'Excited' About Move to St. John's
Geoff Molson and Danny Williams made the official announcement this afternoon in downtown St. John's.
Mar 27 , 2015
Local Musician Pens 'Pizza Skeet' in Response to Pizzeria Theft Video
Paul Brace says he was inspired by the Twitter hashtag #Pizzaskeet, and was up until the wee hours this morning writing and recording the song.
Mar 30 , 2015
Utilities Come Under Scrutiny as Dark NL Hearings Begin
A medical supply company which lost about $40,000 because of Dark NL accuses Newfoundland Power of being unfair to some customers by having them bear the brunt.
Mar 26 , 2015
Heavy Snow Crushes Building in King's Point
The large structure was being used to house vehicles and boats.
Mar 28 , 2015
Moving Vehicle Catches Fire in St. John's
The SUV caught fire while on Prince Of Wales Street this afternoon.
Montreal Canadiens Brass to Visit NL
IceCaps president to host Canadiens president.
Items Seized in Child Porn Investigation
CFSEU executes search warrant on home in Happy Valley-Goose Bay
Mar 31 , 2015
Paradise Students Split to Deal With Overcrowding
Holy Family Students in grades 2-6 will be bussed to the old School for the Deaf on Topsail Road. A new school is being built at Octagon Pond, but won't be ready until September of 2016.
Mar 26 , 2015
Milley Pleads Guilty to Murder of Bernice Rich
Gordon Milley has pleaded guilty in Supreme Court at Happy Valley-Goose Bay to choking and killing 21-year-old Bernice Rich in June of 2013.
Mar 27 , 2015
Benoit's Cove Residents Want to Bring Attention to 'Improper Involvement' of Officer
A committee is urging residents to contact the media and officials if they have any concerns about, what they call, the improper involvement of Sergeant Tim Buckle and the other RNC officers in the Sean Kelly case and investigation.
Mar 30 , 2015
58-Year-Old Held for Speeding, Impaired, Open Liquor, No Insurance, Fines
A 58-year-old man is in the lock-up at this hour awaiting a court appearance after being picked up on a gamut of charges.


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