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Nov 1 , 2014
Johnny Cash's Son Arrested in Deer Lake
John Carter Cash was apprehended at the Deer Lake Airport early yesterday morning wearing only his underwear.
Oct 30 , 2014
Manning Defends Character, Responds to Critics
The unelected Minister of Justice and Public Safety, Judy Manning says she's being personally attacked.
Oct 28 , 2014
Small Business Owner Wins Set for Life
Brendan O'Connell, who owns a woodworking company in the Goulds, had big smiles and a few tears today as he accepted a cheque.
Oct 27 , 2014
Power's Testimony Concludes in Pynn-Butler Murder Trial
After an unexpected delay this afternoon, two police officers are expected to take the stand tomorrow.
Oct 30 , 2014
Gonzaga School Reopens after Security Threat
Students have now returned to class.
Oct 26 , 2014
Bar Fight Leads to Charges
37 year old accused of assaulting an officer among other things.
Oct 29 , 2014
WWII Airplane Parts, Vehicles Discovered Under Virginia Park Site
The provincial government has encountered more problems than it anticipated while cleaning out the land for the new Virginia Park Elementary School in the east end of St. John's.
Oct 28 , 2014
Primary Investigator Testifies at Murder Trial
Today, Constable Simms introduced four more photos of Winsor's belongings that were taken eight months after Winsor was killed.
Oct 26 , 2014
Man Injured When Party Turns Ugly
18 year old Western Bay man charged after another man sent to hospital with serious head injuries.
Oct 27 , 2014
Ghomeshi Fired, Now Suing CBC for $50 Million
Over the weekend The CBC announced that it was severing ties with "Q" radio host Jian Ghomeshi. But he says he was fired because the CBC feels his "sexual behaviour was unbecoming of a prominent host."
Oct 26 , 2014
Charlene Johnson's Father to Run in District
Ron Johnson will be PC candidate in the Trinity Bay de Verde byelection.
Oct 30 , 2014
Pheasant Spotted in St. John's
Conservation officers were called to the Quidi Vidi Road area yesterday afternoon after receiving calls of a male pheasant strutting around in the area.
Oct 27 , 2014
Woman Unlawfully at Large in St. John's Area
51-year-old Donna Murray failed to check in for an intermittent sentence at HMP on September 19th.
Oct 28 , 2014
Retired Cops Agonize over Unsolved NL Murder
Want permission from justice department to dig up buried car which may contain evidence in Dana Bradley murder.
Oct 29 , 2014
Sought After Pharmacy Practice Changes Announced
Pharmacists had been seeking an expansion to their scope of practice to allow them to administer things such as flu shots.
Oct 27 , 2014
Ottawa Shooter 'Ideologically and Politically Motivated'
RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson says Zehaf-Bibeau, made a video recording of himself just prior to last Wednesday's attack.
Oct 31 , 2014
St. John's Condos Sitting Empty in Cooling Market
Expect to see more apartments developed in the St. John's area in future thanks to a cooling in the condominium market.
Oct 28 , 2014
Gaping Pothole Opens Again on Pitts Memorial
A crew is now attempting to repair a big pothole that caused several flat tries on Pitts Memorial Drive this morning.
Oct 30 , 2014
Armed Robbery at St. John's Bank
A man got away with an undisclosed amount of cash after an armed robbery at a bank in St. John's.
Oct 27 , 2014
Facebook Group Renews Call For 'Justice for Dana Bradley'
The RCMP is saying very little about efforts by a group to have a vehicle that one man has linked to the Dana Bradley murder exhumed and examined for possible forensic evidence.
Oct 29 , 2014
Crown Rests Case Against Pynn and Butler
The Prosecutors and Defence lawyers will be back in court to give their final submissions on Monday.
Oct 30 , 2014
Six Patients Treated for C. Difficile at St. John's Hospital
Eastern Health says once it became aware of the cases, it enacted proper procedures to prevent its spread.
Oct 28 , 2014
Johnny Cash's Son Arrested in his Underwear at Deer Lake Airport
John Carter Cash was taken into custody yesterday afternoon at Deer Lake airport.
Oct 27 , 2014
Wildlife Officials Dispatch Injured Moose
Police and wildlife officials were quick to the scene to dispatch the animal.
Oct 29 , 2014
Sex Work Outreach Group says Alleged Incidents Involved Local Men
Spokesperson Jenny Wright says somehow, through social and mainstream media, information started circulating that the men involved were foreign workers.


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