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Oct 25 , 2014
Nation Mourns Soldier, Parliament Hill Shooter Identified
The man who shot and killed 24-year old Corporal Nathan Cirillo of Hamilton, Ontario, has been identified.
Oct 23 , 2014
Major Power Outage Briefly Hits Avalon
It was brief but widespread.
Billy Power Cross Examination Continues
Today, Philip Pynn's lawyer Mark Gruchy pointed out many instances where Power's police statements conflicted with his testimony.
Oct 19 , 2014
Woman Rescued after Fall from Cliff
Woman reported missing has been airlifted out of Middle Cove.
Oct 21 , 2014
Billy Power Testifies at Murder Trial
Billy Power owns the garage where Nick Winsor was killed on July 9, 2011, and he is the man Pynn and Butler are accused of attempting to rob and kill that night.
Oct 23 , 2014
Halifax Police Arrest Armed Man
Police received report this morning of an armed man in the Halifax downtown area.
Oct 20 , 2014
Woman Missing from St. John's
37-year-old Nicole Savoury was last seen on October 16th in Pleasantville.
Oct 23 , 2014
Over 80 Tires Slashed Overnight In Metro
Police received 26 complaints from residents in the area indicating their tires had been slashed sometime between 11:30 last night and 7:30 this morning.
Oct 20 , 2014
Some Weekend Inmates Not Serving Time
Sources say this past weekend alone, 12 of the 22 people who were supposed to serve time over the weekend were instructed not to show up.
Oct 22 , 2014
Focus Shifts to Lyndon Butler at Trial
Billy Power says he didn't know Nick Winsor or Lyndon Butler at the time. He says after Winsor's murder, his stepdaughter showed him photos of Butler from Facebook.
Oct 24 , 2014
Bail Denied for Accused in High Speed Police Chase
31-year-old Jamie Reardon had no license and already owes about $20,000 in fines.
Oct 21 , 2014
Accident At Airport Under Investigation
St. John's Regional and Eastern Health responded to a report that a man had fallen from a ladder on a service vehicle at the airport.
St. John's Third Fattest City in Canada
A new report by Statistics Canada shows one third of residents of the capital city, 18 years and older, are overweight.
Oct 23 , 2014
Prime Minister Addresses Nation as House of Commons Resumes
MPs sang the National Anthem and Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers was given a lengthy standing ovation in the House of Commons today as MPs returned after a shootout and lengthy lockdown on Parliament Hill yesterday.
Oct 19 , 2014
Three Taken to Hospital after Collision in St. John's
The two vehicle crash happened at the intersection of Torbay Road and Stavanger Drive about 6:30 last night.
Oct 20 , 2014
Troubled Youth Appears in Court
The boy has been accused of stealing a side-by-side from Bowring Park and a mini-excavator from Lester's Farm. In both instances, the boy spat at the arresting officers.
Province's Top Musicians Turn Out in Tribute to O'Brien's
Gord O'Brien was forced to close O'Brien's Music Store on Water Street two weeks ago and now the top names to come out of this province will share one stage in his name.
Oct 22 , 2014
RNCA Defends Controversial Recruitment Video
The video, meant to attract young recruits to the force, shows officers in riot gear with semi-automatic weapons, hunting down criminals.
Oct 21 , 2014
Who Says Lightning Doesn't Strike Twice?
As voted on by the public, the name of the new Marble ski lift makes light of the fluke lightning strike in August that caused damage to the original unit that needed replacing.
Oct 24 , 2014
East End Water Main Break
The water main break in the east end of St. John's should be fixed by 4:30 today.
Oct 20 , 2014
Girl Struck by Alleged Impaired Driver Takes Stand
49-year-old Fred Lawlor is charged with operating a vehicle while impaired, failure to stop at the scene of an accident, and refusing the breathalyzer.
Oct 24 , 2014
Inconsistencies in Victim's Statements: Defence
Power says that Philip Pynn, Lyndon Butler, and Winsor all showed up at his house to rob him of a valuable necklace. Power says there was a struggle for the gun, and Winsor was killed.
Oct 19 , 2014
Vehicle Hit and Run in Paradise
The owner of the parked car located the suspect vehicle and called police.
Oct 24 , 2014
RCMP Release Dramatic Video of Assault on Parliament
A video released by the RCMP shows Michael Zehaf Bibeau running up the hill from to National War Memorial brandishing a rifle and commandeering a parked car.
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Oct 22 , 2014
Ignoring Pension Problems Has Cost Province Billions: Coffin
Instead of being billions of dollars in the hole as the greatest debt problem facing the provincial government, the Public Sector Pension Plan would be $13 billion in the black today had the unfunded liabilities been addressed in 1984.


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